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The system that connects professionals to the people who need them was created from the ground up for BOTH of these Clients

-- Founder of White Rose Technologies, Tony Turner --

Looks Great Everywhere

Designed from the ground up to look great on any and all devices, you can trust that your customers clearly understand your services and how they can get their problems fixed by you, fast.

In addition to being easy to read, it's easy to use. Whether your customer wants to call, text or email you, you get their communication on your computer and your phone immediately, so you never miss a potential client.

Site Loads Super Fast

When someone goes to your site, it loads fast first time, every time, making for a smooth stress-free process for your clients.

Your site is supported by world-class hosting services from Amazon.com, with super secure SSL technology, and redundant servers ensuring you have crazy good uptime, 24/7, day or night, 365 days a year.

Search Engines Love Your Site

The search engines of today are very savvy. The way to a search engine's heart is through well written content, clearly informing the search engine of what your services are, who likes you (your client testimonies), what you know (your how-to articles), and how social you are ( your social media sites ).

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White Rose Technologies does what it takes to help potential clients easily find you when they need you.

SEO Optimization Clearly Written Text
Easy to Use Clear Instructions
Friendly Fast Loading
Secure World Class Up-Time
Socially Connected Helpful How-To's


Identify your Preferred Working Territory

We identify your preferred territory, so you can be sure that your calls are all from your service areas.

Display Your Authority

We help you take credit for the hard work you've done to obtain certificates, licenses and memberships, years of service and your areas of expertise are. We help give your clients that sense of trust and security that you're exactly the right person for their job.

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