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What Good is a Website, if Nobody Sees It? - Get a Website that's Seen!

Anyone can make a website.

Making a system that connects professionals to the people who need them

is another thing entirely.

-- Founder of White Rose Technologies, Tony Turner --

Why Successfully Connecting Clients with Plumbers Is So Hard

(And why most website developers get it wrong)

Search Engines are like English Teachers

  • They Grade Every Word on Every Page
  • Yes, they ARE that Smart!

On Each Page, the Modern Search Engine Checks:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar (yep! really!)
  • Substantive : do you have ~1000 words per page?
  • Clear Themes : is each page focused on one thing?
  • Value : do other readers find this content useful?
  • Originality : is this a copy of someone else's page?

Even after making it past the Search Engine, you now have only about 10 seconds to impress your client !

Your Client Is In A Panic

  • Their kitchen is flooded
  • the hardwood floor is being destroyed
  • They're searching the internet for a Plumber
  • They'll give you about 10 secs to convince them

Your Client is Frantically Checking:

  • Expertise : do you do what I need?
  • Trust : do others like you?
  • Availability : are you easy to get hold of?
  • Quality : do you have a guarantee?
  • Integrity : are you licensed? bonded? insured?

So, in Fact, You Actually have TWO Clients : The Search Engine, and the Client with the Flooded Kitchen !

(And THIS is why you're not getting Clients from your Current Website)

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